PPE Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

PPE Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry


Because everyone has someone depending on them to get home safely.

Are your workers, processes and environments really protected?

Diverse pharmaceutical manufacturing applications require protection from chemical, biological, mechanical and heat & flame hazards. What’s more, processes performed in cleanrooms and controlled environments require protection of finished products and processes from potential contamination sources.

Providing workers with the protection they need for the hazards they face, as well as ensuring the best quality of manufactured products is a major responsibility. DuPont Personal Protection has the in-depth knowledge, unparalleled expertise and broad portfolio of PPE solutions to help keep you, your products and your working environment safe.

To help you in the decision-making process, from risk assessment through implementation, we recommend using the 4P methodology:


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Protection for every application


Process and product microbiological protection
Protection against exposure to corrosive liquids, solid particulates and airborne dusts
Protection against arc flash, heat and flame

Inherent protection: Can't be washed and worn away
Protection against abrasion and tear

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Pharmaceutical & laboratory protection

Tyvek® helps to control contamination and protect against particles, ensuring safety of the pharmaceutical staff, as well as sensitive pharmaceutical products and processes


Personal Protective Equipment

From first responders, to industrial workers, to warfighters, we provide the innovative personal protective equipment solutions to overcome any challenge. 


Find the right protective product for your application or industry with DuPont™ SafeSPEC™

Find the right products for the utilities industry in SafeSPEC™.

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