Making an impact that lasts and lasts

DuPont™ Tyvek® for graphics products provide lightweight strength, durability and a great, long-lasting look to everything you print.

When what you print today needs to last through a lot of tomorrows, Tyvek® for graphics can keep your look brighter and longer-lasting than ever before. From maps and tags to wristbands and reusable bags, and everything in between, Tyvek® for graphics products are designed to benefit a wide range of product applications. 

When it needs to last, print it with Tyvek® for graphics.


Tags and labels

There are countless uses for tags and labels and Tyvek® for graphics has a lightweight, durable, and long-lasting solution for all of them. Discover the many ways Tyvek® for graphics improves the look and performance of tags and labels. 



Wristbands made of Tyvek® are lightweight, resistant to stretching and tearing, and are breathable and comfortable, making them the ideal choice for events where managing crowds, security and charity is a priority.


Maps, guides and durable documents

From maps and trail signs to outdoor guides, Tyvek® is an incredibly tough substrate that can stand up to the elements, making it ideal for a range of applications where durability and tear resistance is crucial.


Reusable bags

Tyvek® is incredibly strong and highly resistant to tears and punctures, so bags made from it can be used again and again—improving their overall performance while reducing our impact on the environment.


Uses & applications

Tyvek® is perfect for wide-format media

Wide-format media

Tyvek® for graphics provides wide-format media with strikingly vibrant colors, weather resistance and recyclable substrates that can help reduce your environmental footprint while increasing your applications’ visibility. 

Tyvek® Soft Structure is soft and tear-resistant

Tyvek® Soft Structure

Tyvek® Soft Structure is a soft, highly tear-resistant flexible substrate with the feel of fabric that can be sewn, glued, and even ultrasonically seamed and heat-sealed in fabrication.   

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Swatch book

Tyvek® gives a more distinctive look to anything you print

Features and benefits

Tyvek® gives a more distinctive look to anything you print than common paper ever could. It feels natural and has excellent flat, precision folding qualities. And although it isn’t a fabric, it can easily function as one.

Tyvek® for graphics are used in a wide array of innovative applications

Ideas, answers and examples

In addition to traditional DuPont Graphics product applications that require strength, light weight and printability, more and more DuPont Graphics products are increasingly found in unexpected and totally innovative applications.


Tyvek® envelopes

Tyvek® envelopes are made from a strong and durable material that’s virtually indestructible, providing the assurance that your important contents will be delivered safely.


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DuPont Graphics Preferred Printers

Preferred printers

DuPont Graphics Preferred Printers bring an unparalleled degree of printing capability and technical resources to every printing and converting project involving Tyvek®.

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Tyvek® Printing & Technical guide

Tyvek® Printing & Technical Guide

Our Tyvek® Printing & Technical Guide helps you navigate through your creative journey. With an extensive collection of tips and tricks, you can apply these best practices when printing, converting, storing and handling Tyvek®.