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Electronics and imaging
Electronics & Imaging

Industry-leading technologies to enable smaller, smarter and faster electronics, transform the sun’s rays into clean energy, and bring high-quality printing to packaging and textiles.

Transportation and Industrial
Transportation & Industrial

High-performance resins, adhesives, and lubricants to enable material systems solutions for aerospace, automotive, and other demanding environments.

Nutrition and Biosciences
Nutrition & Biosciences

Sustainable solutions for the food and health industries, and cleaner, bio-based solutions that support a growing circular economy.

Safety and Construction
Safety & Construction

Protective and performance solutions that keep first responders and industrial workers safe and operations running smoothly.

Our People

Around the world, the people at DuPont bring diverse expertise, backgrounds, and a drive to create essential innovations that make lives better.

We’re scientists, engineers, business managers and marketers. And together, we’re using our combined skills to solve the world’s biggest challenges and bring about positive change, right now



Fighting fire with fabric

Nomex® heat-resistant fiber grew out of work done in the late 1950s at DuPont’s Pioneering Research Laboratory by Paul Morgan and Stephanie L. Kwolek.