Sporting Goods

Materials for Sporting Goods

The demands of the sporting goods industry require the use of consistent, high performing yet cost effective materials. DuPont offers a wide range of materials — resins, fibers and coatings — suitable for these demanding applications.

Partner with DuPont in creating new and exciting applications in the sporting goods industry.  Combine DuPont’s ability to innovate and create new & cost effective materials with your customer, market and application knowledge to envision and produce great new components and applications. 

Surlyn® resin has great moldability, high cut resistance and great resilience, making it a great candidate for golf ball covers, bowling pin covers, body boards, snowshoes and other winter sports articles.  DuPont™ HPF ionomer golf ball resins are melt processable, have high compression and resilience and are well suited for cores and mantels. 

DuPont performance polymers such as Delrin® acetal resin, Hytel® thermoplastic elastomer and Zytel® nylon resin are light weight, have high strength and exhibit other high performance properties – traits necessary for snow shoe bindings, in-line skates, and buckles & straps for various outdoor activities.

Footwear can benefit from midsoles molded from foam containing Elvax® ethylene vinyl acetate coploymer resin.  Skis and snowboards travel faster when using a coating of Zardoz® NotWax® fluoropolymer coating.  And Kevlar® aramid fiber is used in sporting good components ranging from bicycle helmets, motorcycle clothing, sailing/boating hulls, hiking boots and racquet components to baseball gloves & catchers’ masks, canoe and kayak hulls, auto racing bodies & harnesses and skis/skiboots.