Renewable Bio Based Polymers

Raising the Performance Bar for Bio Based Polymers

DuPont is helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels with the industry’s largest portfolio of renewably-sourced biopolymers

DuPont has invested extensive scientific research and development to create next-generation bio based polymers to help reduce the use of fossil fuels without reducing performance.

For polymers the terms “Renewably-sourced” and ”bio-based” mean the same thing. They refer to a material that contains carbon originating from a renewable plant source.  Materials are defined as renewably sourced when they contain a minimum of 20% by weight of plant sourced ingredients verified by 14C dating (ASTM definition).

Benefits of specifying biopolymers, made from a renewable plant source, or biomass, can include LEED certification points, and reduction in use of fossil fuels. At the same time, DuPont biopolymers provide durability and other qualities that enable application-critical performance in demanding applications.