Pharmaceuticals Products

DuPont, a reliable and efficient partner in the pharmaceutical industry.

DuPont pharmaceutical products help advance the pharmaceutical industry by bringing safe and effective products to market, all with high confidentiality and scientific excellence. Some products, such as the rare sugars L-Ribose and L-Xylose, are produced to be used in the pharmaceutical and flavor industries, as well as nutraceuticals.

As part of a new generation in propellants, DuPont continues its commitment to the pharmaceutical industry by offering a family of non-ozone-depleting alternative propellants for pharmaceutical applications. Dymel® pharmaceutical propellants use DuPont safety traditions, science, technology, channel strength and global reach to provide marketers the ability to meet regulatory requirements, achieve unique product performance goals and grow their markets.

DuPont also produces a range of functional excipients, based on their food ingredients, such as the Rylo range of fat based excipients, several hydrocolloids, like alginateguar gumpectin and sweeteners like Xylitol and Lactitol.