DuPont™ Nomex® for Extra Seconds of Safety

Firefighters put themselves at risk every day. They have to make split-second decisions under pressure. Extra seconds to make those decisions can make a massive difference. Extensive testing shows that Nomex® fibre has remarkably low heat transfer. Under flash fire conditions, it helps provide valuable extra seconds of safety when they’re needed most.


Seconds for survival
In a flash fire situation, a matter of seconds can mean the difference between minor burns and life-threatening injuries. By far the greatest factor affecting survivability is the percentage of the body that receives second and third-degree burns. The lower the level of total body burn, the greater the chance of survival.

Flame-resistant garments made of DuPont™ Nomex® help protect the wearer from the heat and flame of a flash fire, providing valuable seconds of protection for escape and helping to minimise the potential for burn injury.

Tough barrier
Nomex® fibre thickens instantly, creating an expanded barrier while reducing heat transfer. This increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the skin, helping ensure less heat is transferred to the wearer. This tough barrier stays supple and flexible until it cools, providing extra seconds of protection without impairing mobility.

DuPont™ Nomex® has an optimal blend of meta and para-aramid fibres that offers ideal comfort, breathability and protection, in a lightweight fabric that has proven itself over many decades of protecting firefighters across Europe. It helps offer excellent thermal performance and inherent flame resistance. And because it doesn’t melt or drip, it stays supple and flexible until it cools down, helping to protect you while you get clear of danger.