DuPont Chemical Protective Garments Comply with Tough French Requirements

Tests by French Ministry of Labour lead to five manufacturers removing their chemical protective garments from the French market. No DuPont products were tested negatively.

In 2009, in cooperation with the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (AFSSET), the French Ministry of Labour organized a surveillance campaign to check the compliance of suits with regard to the protection of workers from certain chemicals and with regard to the regulations set out in the French Labour Code that transpose EU directive 89/686/EEC relating to PPE into French law.

This investigation published by the French Ministry of Labour has been reported in many sources of information, announcing alarming results for the tests conducted. The tests revealed that eight suits in ten fell short of the permeation performance claimed in their literature, as well as often failing to achieve compliance with respect to regulations.

One of manufacturers whose suits failed to comply with technical requirements decided, in a voluntary move, to withdraw their products. Others reduced their performance claims to match actual measured performance. Two leading manufacturers saw their products banned from the French market. The Ministerial bans also referenced the insufficient quality assurance, as required by the article 11 of the PPE directive.

DuPont products were not withdrawn from the market

Technical specialists from DuPont were also invited to review the results from the surveillance and conformity verifications. DuPont was informed by the campaign manager that none of the DuPont products tested were among the suits rated as presenting insufficient technical performance.

Consequently, DuPont did not need to take any subsequent significant actions regarding its products. In light of the meeting, instructions for use of DuPont have been revised in order to reduce the risk of incorrect usage or an incorrect user interpretation.

When bringing products to market, DuPont applies stringent monitoring and extensive testing processes with regard to quality control, product performance and conformity.