Tychem® 2000 C2 Coveralls

DuPont™ Tychem® 2000 C2 – Higher Mechanical Strength and Resealable Design

Lightweight Tychem® 2000 C2 coveralls (model CHZ5) help combine high mechanical strength with Type 3-B, 4, 5 and 6 barrier protection against a wide range of inorganic chemical and biological hazards.

These lightweight yet robust garments help provide protection against both chemical (concentrated inorganic chemicals and ultra fine particles) and biological hazards (meets EN 14126 requirements). Thanks to their ergonomic fit, they help wearers to handle even difficult tasks more easily and comfortably. Tychem® 2000 C2 coveralls are ideal for industrial cleaning, chemical manufacturing, and in the petrochemical industry.


Tychem® 2000 C2 coverall

These lightweight coveralls combine improved mechanical strength with barrier protection against a wide range of chemical and biological hazards.


  • Double-zip design

    ensures high level of tightness and easy dressing and undressing for improved safety

  • Hood-design

    allows free movement of head without disturbing the view and offers tight fit around the respirator

  • Exceptional garment closures

    large elastics on cuffs and ankles improve significantly the garment's fit and reduce risk of leakage at critical closure points

  • Overtaped tight sewn seams

    offer comparable barrier to the protective clothing material

  • Elasticated waist

    for optimum fit to body

  • Elasticated double cuff system

    for improved protection

  • cat-3

    Chemical Protective Coverall Category III

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  • type3

    Type 3 – Protection against pressurised liquid chemicals

    (Norm: EN 14605)

  • type4

    Type 4 – Protection against liquid aerosols

    (Norm: EN 14605)

  • biological

    Type 4B – Biological protection

    (Norm: EN 14126)

  • type5

    Type 5 – Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals

    (Norm: EN ISO 13982-1)

  • type6

    Type 6 – Limited protection against liquid mist

    (Norm: EN 13034)

  • electrostatic

    Electrostatic discharge if properly grounded

    (Norm: EN 1149-5: 2008)

  • radio

    Protection against particulate radioactive contamination

    (Norm: EN 1073-2)