Body Armour

Protecting the Professionals: Body Armour

Body armour made of DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre helps protect military forces and law enforcement officers.

When lives are on the line, having the right body armour can make all the difference. That’s why professionals all over the world use the innovative protection of DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre for their safety. They know from experience (as well as from long-term statistics) that personal body armour reduces the chance of bodily injury or death caused by ballistic attacks, explosive fragmentation, or physical, stab, slash and blunt trauma assaults.

By combining superior performance and strength with extreme flexibility, body armour made of Kevlar® helps manufacturers offer outstanding protection in the field – without impeding the mobility of the people inside. Different fabrics made of Kevlar® are tailored to specific threats, and different layers in the weave have different tasks. Bullet-resistant tactical vests made of Kevlar®, for example, “catch” fast-moving projectiles in a multilayer web of woven fabrics. Products like tactical plates made of Kevlar® help add protection and performance in ballistic applications for military and police.

Since threats are changing all the time, the scientists and engineers at DuPont are committed to continuously evolving existing solutions and developing new ones in response.
For example Kevlar® XP™ technology  aims to help reduce back face deformation significantly while saving even more weight. The latest solutions include Kevlar® AS (Anti Stab) and Kevlar® IC (Impact Control) .