DuPont launches next-generation multi-hazard protection: Nomex® MHP

With a global reputation for innovation and development in inherent, multi-hazard protection for a variety of thermal hazards, DuPont has announced the launch of the new Nomex® MHP fabric – Multi-Hazard Protection. It represents the next-generation of protection against heat and flame, arc flash and small molten metal splashes for industrial areas.

Nomex® MHP has been designed in response to growing market needs for multi-hazard protection; a fabric that offers durability, high levels of protection whilst remaining breathable and comfortable: a significant step forward in performance. Nomex® MHP remains light and breathable because it incorporates the Nomex® fibre and retains strength and durability through the use of DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre. As a result, the fabric delivers more durable multi-hazard protection in the mid-performance multi-hazard environment.

Nomex® MHP was developed with workers in mind. It offers a number of features for a more professional appearance and category leading comfort, resulting in higher user acceptance. Satisfied wearers usually mean an increased level of productivity. When it comes to hand (the way the fabric feels to the touch) Nomex® MHP scores better than FR cotton and current modacrylic blends especially for criteria like softness, sliding, fluidity, falling and suppleness. It was also characterised as the least rough and creasable fabric. All these sensory profiles were determined by French Institute for Textiles and Clothing (IFTH) using standard test methods. Nomex® MHP is also engineered to absorb moisture and dries faster than FR treated cotton. It has a low weight, so workers can stay comfortable on the job. Nomex® MHP also has less shrinkage than FR treated cotton and current modacrylic blends, meaning a better fit and retention of fit, which is important for comfort and a lasting professional appearance.

Frederique Favier, Application Development Leader Nomex® Personal Protection, commented, “Nomex® MHP fabric is suitable for those currently using FR cotton or simple modacrylic blends and are wishing to make the first step to upgrade their protection level in the multi-hazard environment. Nomex® MHP has also been designed to offer excellent wearlife cost”.

Where higher levels of protection are required, premium Heat & Flame protection fabric solutions such as DuPont™ Nomex® Comfort and DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA are recommended as they combine lighter weight and better durablility. For premium Multi-Hazard Protection, solutions such as Ibena Arc, Fritsche DPF power™ and DPF performance™, all made with DuPont™ Nomex® , are better adapted to specific risks like electric arc protection.

In addition to wear trials, garments made with Nomex® MHP fabric were tested on DuPont™ Thermo-Man®, one of the most advanced thermal burn injury evaluation devices in the world. The results revealed that Nomex® MHP shows very low percentage body burn at 3, 4 and 5 second exposures, giving the wearer an exceptional level of protection.

With the danger of counterfeit or poorly manufactured protective garments an ever-present threat, companies are continually looking for reassurance that garments purchased are authentic and are of a high quality. DuPont developed the DuPont™ Nomex® Partner Program to help combat this; a carefully-selected network of customer-oriented and progressive weavers and garment manufacturers whose fabrics and garments pass the rigorous quality controls of DuPont. Certified Nomex® fabrics are visible to the end-user through the distinctive Nomex® labelling programme.

Garments containing Nomex® have either a Nomex® red label or a Nomex® yellow label. The use of these labels helps end-users to distinguish the protective quality of the garments and gives an assurance of the authenticity, quality and performance. The red label is a clear indication that the garment is of premium quality: it always offers excellent heat and flame protection in combination with arc protection ranging from good to outstanding - together with offering exceptional light weight and durability.

The yellow label, found for example on garments using Nomex® MHP, signifies a mid-range category garment into the Nomex® fabric portfolio, offering an improved protective performance, durability and comfort relative to FR cottons and modacrylic fabrics. Garments with the yellow label offer good heat and flame protection, meet the norms and are made of a scientifically engineered blend of Nomex® and other materials.

For more than 40 years, people working in the most dangerous jobs have trusted Nomex® to offer the best in thermal protection. With the introduction of Nomex® MHP, DuPont is exceeding the current standards in multi-hazard protection, continuing to innovative and offer new solutions to help keep people safe at work. To find out which fabric is most suitable for your needs, please contact a DuPont sales representative or visit