Kevlar® Cut Technology

Cut-Resistant Kevlar® — Because Safety Is No Accident

Kevlar® Cut Technology. When it comes to accidents, prevention is better than cure.

For workers in the aerospace, electronics, metal fabrication, glass handling and automotive industries, safety is a top priority. DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre is extremely lightweight and strong, yet highly resistant to cuts and abrasion. It is also suitable for chemical protection under a wide variety of exposure conditions. No wonder so many companies rely on it for cut-resistant protection in the manufacturers’ gloves, sleeves, and garments they supply.

In addition to factory workers, a wide range of outdoor professionals such as lumberjacks, builders and skilled workers also insist on reinforced boots and leggings made of Kevlar® fibre to help protect their legs and feet.

For work environments that require even greater cut protection, cleanliness or touch-and-feel capability, manufacturers’ products with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre include the following:

  • Kevlar® Clean Technology. Offers low linting and contamination properties in environments where cleanliness and protection are important.
  • Kevlar® Armor Technology. Without compromising on comfort and manual dexterity, for excellent cut protection even in critical environments where the potential for cuts and slashes is high.