Sorona® Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions

What are the end use markets where Sorona® is used?
Answer: Sorona® is primarily sold in fiber applications including apparel, residential carpets & rugs, commercial carpets, as well as automotive carpets, mats and interiors.

What are the performance attributes and benefits of Sorona® in carpeting?
Answer: Carpeting made with Sorona® offers durability — equal or better than leading nylon carpeting, crush resistance and resilience. In addition, carpeting made with Sorona® is permanently and naturally stain resistant — the stain resistance is built into the fibers so it won’t wash or wear off like topical treatments can. Typical stains including coffee, juice, red wine, etc. will not stain carpet made with Sorona®. Even chlorine bleach will not damage or take the color out of carpeting made with Sorona®. Sorona® Carpet Products

What are the attributes and benefits of Sorona® in apparel?
Answer: Sorona® offers a wide variety of attributes and benefits to most apparel applications including activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel and denim. Sorona® is very adaptable and can be blended with many other fibers — both synthetic (polyester, nylon, spandex, etc) and natural (cotton, linen and wool, etc.) – to provide fabrics with exceptional softness and drape, comfort stretch and recovery, moisture management as well as UV and chlorine resistance. Sorona® Apparel Products

What are the environmental benefits of Sorona®?
Answer: Sorona® has a three-pronged environmental story. The production of Sorona® uses up to 30% less energy than the production of an equal amount of nylon 6. Second — the production of Sorona® reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 63% over the production of an equal amount of nylon 6. And Sorona® helps reduce our dependency on oil and petrochemicals by using ingredients made from annually renewable resources. Sorona® contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight. Sorona® - A Renewably Sourced Material

If Sorona® is 37% renewably sourced by weight, what’s the other 67% made with?
Answer: The other principal ingredient (monomer) is currently made with petroleum based ingredients.

What is the renewable resource used to make Sorona®?
Answer: Sorona® is a polymer (poly meaning more than one) made from two main ingredients. One key ingredient, Bio-PDO™ (bio-based 1,3 propanediol) is made through a fermentation process that uses glucose as the feedstock. Right now, sugar extracted from feed corn is used.

Is Sorona® recyclable?
Answer: DuPont is exploring the recyclability of carpets made with Sorona® PTT fiber. Research so far shows that carpet fiber made with Sorona® can be removed from the carpet backing and recycled at the end of its useful life. Existing carpet recycling facilities, however, do not accept PTT fiber for recycling today.

Is Sorona® biodegradable?
Answer: Sorona® is neither biodegradable nor compostable.

Is Sorona® a polyester?
Answer: Based on the chemical composition of the product, yes, Sorona® falls into the polyester family. Typical polyester is known as PET. Sorona® is a PTT. And based on the unique performance benefits of PTT, the U.S. FTC awarded a new fiber generic classification to PTT – triexta.

What is the generic name of the polymer?
Answer: Sorona® is a PTT or polytrimethyl terephthalate.

Where can I buy fibers or fabrics made with Sorona®?
Answer: DuPont produces and sells the polymer known as Sorona®. We work with a global network of licensed fiber producers and mills to produce fiber and fabrics made with Sorona®. Find a Regional Contact List to locate a fiber or fabric producer who best meets your needs. DuPont does not sell fiber or fabrics.

Where can I buy carpeting made with Sorona® for my home?
Answer: DuPont has partnered with carpet manufacturers around the world to provide residential carpets and mats. In North America, Mohawk produces a line of carpet, SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer, found in over 7,000 carpet retailers (including Lowe’s). In Australia and New Zealand, Godfrey Hirst produces eco+ carpets made with DuPont™ Sorona®. Links to these and additional carpet manufacturers are provided Where to Buy – Residential Carpet.

Where can I find commercial carpet made with Sorona®?
Answer: DuPont has partnered with Mohawk to produce SmartStrand® Contract with DuPont™ Sorona® in both broadloom and tile styles. Links to this and additional commercial carpet partners are provided Where to Find – Commercial Carpet.

Where does DuPont currently manufacture Sorona®?
Answer: DuPont currently manufactures polymer at a continuous polymerization (CP) plant in Kinston, North Carolina in the US. Sorona® polymer is also manufactured in China to meet growing global demand.

Does DuPont still make and sell Lycra, Coolmax® and other fibers?
Answer: No. DuPont sold its fiber business, Invista, to Koch industries. DuPont is focusing its efforts on bio-technology and developing products using renewable resources such as Sorona® polymer. These efforts will reinforce the DuPont commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and bring integrated science to market.

Does DuPont have plans to commercialize other polymers based on industrial biotechnology?
Answer: DuPont has a strong research program focused toward developing other value-added polymers based on biotechnology.

Does DuPont have other renewably sourced products?
Answer: DuPont has several products that are made with renewable resources that are used in a wide variety of markets and industries including personal care and cosmetics, fibers, automotive, packaging, transportation and construction. More information can be found at