DuPont™ Sorona® Takes Textile Fibers to New Heights

DuPont™ Sorona® delivers innovative performance to all types of textile fibers for apparel. A renewably sourced fiber, Sorona® provides exceptional softness, comfort stretch, superior tensile strength, lower dyeing temperatures and more.

Sorona® is the Building Block for Performance

Sorona® is perfect for use in all types of apparel including active wear, casual wear, outerwear, swimwear, uniforms and even intimate apparel.

When incorporated into textile fibers Sorona® offers:

  • Unique molecular “kink” structure that provides both comfort stretch and full recovery
  • Easy dyeing with standard dyes at lower temperatures and without additional heat or chemical carriers
  • Full color dyestuff absorption that provides clear whites and rich, deep colors, including black and neon colors
  • Exceptional printability for crisp prints with excellent clarity, strong lines and sharp definition
  • Shape memory fabrics provide crush resistance for packable, fashion-forward jackets and active wear

Depending on the type of fiber it is blended with, Sorona® also delivers performance benefits consumers appreciate:

  • Exceptional softness, both to the touch and next to the skin
  • Comfort stretch with recovery for freedom of movement and shape retention
  • Fast drying for added comfort
  • Durability
  • Wrinkle release
  • Chlorine resistance
  • Colorfastness and fade resistance to harsh UV rays or repeated washings

Sorona® is the Building Block for Style

Sorona® is available in flat or textured filament fiber, as a staple, comfort stretch or homo fiber and offers a wide selection of fiber yarn counts – even odd cross-section fiber – for wicking. Regardless of its fiber type, Sorona® can be blended with all kinds of natural and synthetic textile fibers. This allows designers and garment manufacturers to break through existing fiber barriers and create unlimited numbers of fabric constructions.

DuPont™ Sorona®. Designed for performance. Derived from nature.

Sorona® contains 37% annually renewable plant based ingredients by weight (28% biobased carbon)