Protecting our DuPont™ Kevlar® Brand

The DuPont™ Kevlar® Brand

Trademarks are exclusive names or symbols, protected by law, and used to identify a company’s products.  Trademarks are among the most valuable assets of DuPont. Protection and proper use are important shared responsibilities of authorized users, our customers and our employees world-wide.   One way you can play an active role in protecting the Kevlar® brand is through the proper use of the trademark. First, some background on why we need to protect this valuable iconic Kevlar® brand. The DuPont science is what has contributed to making this such a valued trademark. The aramid fiber, which was invented by DuPont in 1965 and first trademarked by DuPont in 1974 was truly a miracle of science and opened up new markets with ballistic protection being its most renown.  The Kevlar® fiber is unique because it is 5 times stronger than steel by weight, delivering both lightweight and strength and providing protection to people and things that matter most. Kevlar® comes in various forms such as  para-aramid yarns, resins, fabrics and pulp offerings which are used to make, insulate or line multiple product offerings as an ingredient brand where protection is desired. Reference the website link to learn more about the Kevlar® fiber and the multiple applications, uses, properties and attributes: Kevlar® Brand

Correct and authorized use of this legal asset adds significant value to both your business and your product offerings. Improper use of the trademark, however, lowers the value of the Kevlar® brand and can if allowed without addressing misuse, ultimately cause the mark to lose its distinctiveness, value and become a common word in the industry. All of which is not acceptable to DuPont and does not bring value to our customers.  One common mistake is use of the Kevlar® brand as a trademark of a finished good such as “Kevlar vest”, “Kevlar gloves”, etc. This is a misuse of our brand and misrepresents the origin source of the finished good as DuPont; DuPont does not make vests or gloves, etc.  

Kevlar® Brand Protection Program

DuPont also polices and enforces its rights to the fullest extent of the law, if third parties are misusing the Kevlar® trademark or are using the trademark without authorization from DuPont which would constitute trademark infringement.  DuPont takes this strong position to protect our brands given the significant investment made to create high awareness and value for DuPont Kevlar®.  Infringement occurs because of the reknown position that the Kevlar® brand enjoys including high awareness and its excellent reputation throughout the world for its unique product properties and its proven and trusted use in protection for decades[sJk1]   DuPont is vigilant on third parties uses of the Kevlar® brand in all media and throughout the world to ensure the consumer public receives authentic  goods made with DuPont™ Kevlar® materials  and our trademark is used properly.

You can always verify with DuPont to confirm that your supplier is selling to you authentic DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber or fabric as we also control quality in the manufacture of the protective apparel and fabrics through a trademark licensing program made under DuPont specifications.

For consumer and industrial goods, where a supplier may be providing DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber, we provide a brand assurance program through a trademark licensing program, The purpose of this program is to ensure use of approved Kevlar® fiber grade in product content only and that it is made from approved sources. Only after   a product stewardship review that  approves goods for quality control do we  grant promotional uses of our Kevlar® brand  so customers can  differentiate their offerings in the marketplace.

Please contact your DuPont sales representative or DuPont regional representative office as indicated below.

Proper Use in All Collateral

This section will help you, DuPont, and our customers maintain the integrity of the Kevlar® brand  through proper use to ensure the mutual  benefits this strong brand provides.

DuPont provides the hang tags and labels for use only by Licensees as defined by their trademark licensing agreement, for quality approved products. All promotional use of the DuPont™ Kevlar® brand is pre-approved by DuPont for customers with valid trademark licenses.  Self- created hang tags containing the Kevlar® brand must be pre-approved by DuPont before its use.

Customers who buy DuPont Kevlar® fiber are entitled to use the Kevlar® brand for informational purposes regarding percentage of content by weight or in total used in garments and product offerings made with Kevlar® fiber in compliance to product content identification for consumers in labels where fiber content is displayed. But, the Kevlar® trademark does not entitle a customer or third party buying from a DuPont customer to use such brand for promotional advertising where the emphasis is in highlighting the brand and its product claims or attributes it provides to a finished product without a trademark license from DuPont. For example, using the Kevlar® brand in product packaging, labeling and advertising in a prominent attention catching manner, such as but not limited to using the mark in equal or greater size than the own customer’s brand or marks, or in a special font size or inside a logo either the same as used by DuPont or as created by a third party and different from the use by DuPont of the DuPont™ Kevlar® brand is not allowed without a trademark license from DuPont.

For further guidance on proper use, licensing, hang tag distribution and informational use of DuPont Kevlar® brand fiber, yarn, fabric, pulp and resins please contact the DuPont Trademark Contact Administrators by region indicated below.

The guidelines apply to any type of collateral material in which the Kevlar® brand is used and mentioned printed brochures, catalogues, packaging, exhibition media, Web sites, Internet pages, or any other materials.

These guidelines are intended solely to provide guidance in the proper use of the DuPont trademarks referenced herein and do not constitute a license, implied or otherwise, to use any DuPont trademark.

Use of the DuPont Oval

Use of the DuPont oval trademark which accompanies our Kevlar® brand logo requires a trademark license from DuPont.  Use of the DuPont Oval logo alone together with  the DuPont signature is reserved for DuPont only  as this is our Corporate signature. The signature consists of two elements: the tagline (The miracles of science™) attached to the oval. Only DuPont and its wholly owned subsidiaries, when licensed to do so, may use the trademark in connection with goods and services offered globally by our company. In certain cases, there may be exceptions. These exceptions are:

  • Businesses controlled by DuPont, such as joint ventures
  • Resellers of DuPont products who supply them in their original form and packages

Use of the DuPont™ Kevlar® Brand  Logo

Customers and distributors are required to have a written license agreement with DuPont in order to use any Kevlar® brand logo on their product labels, hang tags, packaging, shipping containers, promotional material, and advertisements..

Trademark Administrator Contact Information

If you are interested in obtaining a license from DuPont to use the Kevlar® brand logo, please submit a request via a Kevlar® Inquiry or contact the Trademark Administrator in your region.


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