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DSS EMEA eNewsletter


In light of the rapidly shifting context for businesses the world over, leaders have needed to shape their organisations to be more agile, creative, competitive and to have more focus on engagement – internal and external. We at DuPont Sustainable Solutions are both proud, and humbled, to have had the opportunity to help business leaders build more sustainable and resilient organisations.  

In our newsletters, we provide insights into why technical solutions, business models, corporate strategy, rules and regulations may help a business to improve its safety and operational performance, but are rarely enough in themselves.  Furthermore, they focus on the many roles humans play at facilities and how a greater understanding of the factors that influence their decision-making is vital to preventing incidents and to achieving operational excellence.

We are featuring a story on how ThyssenKrupp Gerlach (TKG), when faced with stagnating accident rates, partnered with DuPont Sustainable Solutions, which allowed them to achieve their goal of zero accidents, improve the safety behaviour of both senior managers and employees and increase productivity by 20%.