Production Systems Consulting

The key to Production System improvements is a sustainable system.

Operations Excellence is not easily achieved. While adoption rates are high, low success rates of operational improvement efforts are prevalent worldwide.

In our experience as owners/operators of manufacturing sites across the world and as consultants to a growing number of clients, we have found that an integrated operating system that engages the entire workforce in business improvement is the best means of achieving synergistic, measurable and sustainable results.   Such a system creates an environment in which everyone can help to eliminate waste and contribute to business success in a meaningful way.  

At DuPont Sustainable Solutions, we base our model on the DuPont Production System. The deployment of the DuPont Production System has led to a four-fold increase in annual gross value of improvements delivered by Integrated Operations: more than US$1 billion per year from 2009-2012.  This represents an increase of over 300% from the pre-deployment benchmark. 

The DuPont Production System includes strong management processes to provide focus and direction; a wide range of best practices and specific methodologies to address specific issues and opportunities; a learning and development model to build capabilities; and an operating culture that addresses mindsets and behaviors that limit or impede performance. Our system has created a new standard of performance in which  people are highly engaged in and highly committed to their work.  This has led to improved and sustainable gains within DuPont. 

Our expert consultants can help clients employ customized, integrated and balanced approaches to operations, ones that engage the entire organization, and explicitly address the requirements for successful implementation and the delivery of practical day-to-day results.  We build on existing process of our clients and develop their capabilities to bring them to the next level of sustainable performance.