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Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management Consulting Services

The US Occupational Health & Safety Administration estimates that employers pay almost USD$1 billion per week for direct worker’s compensation costs as a result of injuries realized in the workplace¹  But, the costs of major incidents go beyond the cost to the core of a company’s reputation, right to operate and the protection of its employees. Many CEO's have said that what keeps them awake at night is the possibility of a "serious incident" that could generate casualties, bring negative attention from the media, and could even bring down a company.  

In order to avoid these major incidents, which can result in loss of life and assets, organizations need to proactively introduce operational business process improvements and manage risks that exist within their operations. Operational risk management consulting services provide an integrated approach to assess, predict and control risks in an operation and within production processes. With time-tested methodologies in employee, contractor and process safety, DuPont Sustainable Solutions experts can help your organization reduce lost-time incidents, develop employee skills, and minimize risks, thereby contributing to your operational business process improvements, productivity and safety culture.

Our operational risk management consulting services experts help safeguard your organization’s people and your assets by applying our experience gained from working with clients around the world and DuPont’s best practices, adapted from our own world-class safety processes.   DuPont is a world-class safety leader and was the recipient of the prestigious National Safety Council Robert W. Campbell Award in 2013. We have provided workplace safety training to over three million people worldwide, helping our clients meet and exceed regulatory standards. 

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Employee Safety: As a world safety leader, we can help you achieve a fully integrated safety culture that brings operational business process improvements, motivates employees, improves performance and productivity, reduces costs, and most importantly, sends employees home safely every night.

Process Safety Management: Through our own experiences and proven methodologies, our consultants can help enhance your safety culture, manage operational risk, and prevent process-related incidents and injuries.

Contractor Safety Management: Our experts help business owners and contractor firms reduce contractor-related injuries, downtime and capital losses. We customize and implement comprehensive contractor safety management practices, processes and programs, based on real-world DuPont experience.