DuPont Science is the foundation for innovation

World-class science and technology connect a deep understanding of commercial value chains and market knowledge to deliver value-added solutions for customers.

It is the foundation for the market-driven innovation we deliver to our customers. With the world’s population projected to increase from 7 to 9 billion by the year 2050, providing for the food, energy and protection needs of people everywhere presents unprecedented challenges. Over 10,000 DuPont scientists and engineers collaborate with customers, governments, and others to develop sustainable solutions to address those challenges. In 2013, DuPont introduced nearly 1,800 new products, was granted about 1,050 new U.S. patents and filed applications for another nearly 1,800 U.S. patents aimed at meeting the needs of people around the world. The DuPont innovation delivery system generated $10 billion in revenue from new products launched over the prior four years. Looking ahead, the value DuPont Science unlocks for our company and for our customers will fund the pursuit of new discoveries that can help improve the lives of people everywhere.